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ERDOS Metallurgy Group: We Are Dedicated to the World-Class High-Tech Clean Recycling Industry


A team of wild geese is the most close, scientific and efficient team in the nature. Why a team of geese can flies through rains to a far place is that they travel in company and help each other by lining up and flying toward one direction in order. This is the secret of the efficiency of a group of geese.

To make a certain achievement in this world today with uncertainties, we ERDOS also need a team as efficient as a group of geese.

From 2017, the R&D center began to re-understand the future vision within the Group.

A few months have passed and a new vision has turned up.

| Electro-Metallurgical Group |

We are dedicated to the world-class high-tech clean recycling industry.

Keyword: “world-class”, “high-tech”, “clean”, “recycling industry”

“Circular Economy” has been always the core competency, the electrometallurgy of ERDOS Group.

Being differed from the conventional linear production mode of the “resource exploitation-product production-waste discharge”, “Recycling Industry” emphasizes waste reduction, reuse, recycling to reduce the produced quantity and use quantity, increase the use frequency and extend the using time until turn the resources into renewable resources and make them circulate in the society again in the principle of resource development with fewer pollutions. The most basic spirit of the circular industry economy is “clean” production by using the cutting-edge means to alleviate the dependence on the traditional production mode so as to reach the standard as a leading “world-class” enterprise.

| Coal & Electricity Division |

We focus on the provision of reliable green power.

Keyword: “Reliable”, “green power”

High efficiency, cleanness and sustainability have been the direction of the reform in coal and electricity industry, and ERDOS which is no exceptional is also striving to realize a highly efficient and clean production by optimizing, reforming, introducing and applying new technologies, new products and new equipment to incessantly level up both exiting technology and equipment in pursuit of industrial upgrade based on energy saving with increasing efficiency at lower cost. In doing so, we can continuously provide other industries in the park with highly efficient, clean and sustainable “green power”.

| Metallurgical Division|

To be a world-class leader in the silicon alloy industry

Keyword: “world-class”, “silicon alloy industry”, “leader”

We are a leading enterprise of silicon alloy industry in China, reputed as “King of Silicon Alloy”. Especially in recent years, the growth of silicon alloy industry of the Group has paced up with not only its output increased but also the export quantity and technology content improved continuously. It does not only execute strictly relevant national policies and industry access standard pertaining to energy saving, environmental protection, quality, safety and technology, but also look up to international and domestic first-class standards by applying the most advanced technical processes, focusing on intelligent and green manufacturing, constantly implementing energy saving and consumption reduction, and realizing comprehensive utilization of “three wastes”. In future, the Group will continue accelerating the technical innovation and enhancing the combination of production, study and research of products to become a world-class benchmarking enterprise and a well-deserved leader of the industry.

| Chemical Division |

We are dedicated to intelligent manufacturing of green chemical products.

Keyword: “green”, “chemical product”, “intelligent manufacturing”

The popular impression is that chemical industry is a traditional “high energy consumption and high pollution industry. But as the economic globalization deepens and people resists pollution and demands green environmental protection, the chemical industry is experiencing a technical innovation and becoming a “green” industry under both the guiding ideology of the 19th CPC National Congress on ecological civilization and the guidance of the market.

We are following the trend, giving a full play to the economic benefits of the whole circular industry chain and reforming the existing chemical technologies and products in a green way on the basis of continuous development and innovation by developing environmental friendly and green chemical processes to realize the green process from raw materials and finished products in chemical manufacturing. In this way, we can vitalize and enhance the traditional manufacturing industry by turning “manufacturing” into “intelligent manufacturing”.

| Marketing Division |

To become a reliable international industrial product supplier

Keyword: “Reliable”, “international”, “industrial product supplier”

A pundit data reveals that China’s industrial product market has reached a thousand billion RMB level, and ERDOS is just a mainstay that cannot be ignored. ERDOS has been devoted to comprehensive development and utilization of resources for many years by relying on the local coal and limestone resources to develop circular economy energetically, and now it has already formed a capacity of multiple products and product arrays including calcium carbide, PVC, sodium hydroxide, cement, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic ammonia, urea, woven bag, natural gas and limestone as a long-term and steady provision for both domestic and foreign enterprises.

In future, we will depend on our technology and development advantages as well as advanced production processes to continue to consolidate our leading position and grow up to be an “international” first-class industrial product supplier in addition to continuously expanding existing market share of our major products and further improving our brand reputation and international competitiveness.

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